Video: “Managing Prostate Cancer in a Pandemic”

September 2021 Awareness Night Dr. Rajiv Singal,  MD, FRCSC Endourology, Urologic Cancer and Robotic Surgery Michael Garron Hospital Asst. Prof., Dept. of Surgery, U. of Toronto     In this session Dr. Singal will review: -life before March 2020 -the early Covid pandemic response -some data on what has been lost or deferred in terms of care -principles on how Prostate Cancer has been triaged throughout the pandemic -some Covid modelling data for the 4th wave. For the Q and A portion of the evening, Dr. Singal will be joined by Dr. Olivier Heimrath. Dr. Heimrath is a partner in …

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Prostate Cancer – Active Surveillance and More…Past, present and Future

This seminar  with Dr Klotz, regarded as one of the pioneers of AS, and a fellow Canadian, will be of special interest to anyone on or interested in AS. This free webinar is available here.  You will be asked to register and give your email address.  Once you check the box at the bottom and click the Register button, you will taken to the presentation.

Video: Six Prostate Cancer Stories

July 2021 Awareness Night Six Prostate Cancer Stories – Different stories of different treatments and different journeys told by a panel of some of our Prostate Cancer Support Toronto members A special Awareness Night with our panelists: Ian, Solomon, Tom, Jeff, Tony, and Bob who will share their treatments and recount their prostate cancer experiences with a view toward the future. As we know, each of us has a unique story to tell and this is an opportunity to hear 6 unique stories and how each panelist has managed his journey. Topics will include: Active Surveillance, Advanced Prostate Cancer, Radical …

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Video: Dr. Eric Klein discusses Active Surveillance

Renowned Cleveland Clinic Urologist Dr. Eric Klein discusses Active Surveillance. Dr. Klein answers the questions: “What do I actually do while I’m on Active Surveillance?” What tests should I be taking and how often? How do I know if I qualify for Active Surveillance? What indicators will tell me that I must go off Active Surveillance and seek active treatment? Dr. Klein indicated that 15% of Gleason 6s have a molecular make up which may indicate the presence of a more aggressive cancer and in his opinion, genomic testing is critical to identify those cancers. Click here to view.

Video: “Physical, Psychological, and Functional Aspects of Prostate Cancer”

May 2021 Awareness Night Physical, Psychological, and Functional Aspects of Prostate Cancer Dr. Andrew Matthew, PhD, C. Psych Beginning with coping strategies for managing the diagnosis and the distress of treatment decision-making, the presentation will summarize the physical, psychological, and functional aspects of prostate cancer from diagnosis to survivorship. A description of the physiological nature of the prostate, prostate cancer, and the impact of localized prostate cancer treatment will follow. Treatments discussed will include robotic and open radical prostatectomy (surgery), external beam radiation treatment, and brachytherapy (seed therapy). Each of these treatments will be examined in terms of their impact …

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ZERO Prostate Cancer Summit 2021

The most impactful week in the movement to end prostate cancer! The annual Summit is a meeting that connects patients, caregivers, and some of the leading educators, researchers, and thought leaders in the prostate cancer community. The ZERO Summit was virtual in 2021, full of informative session presentations, and downloadable educational materials. Visit their website for videos of presentations and more.

Video: “Advanced Prostate Cancer”

January 2021 Awareness Night Treatment of Advanced Prostate Cancer: From A(palutamide) to Z(ytiga(tm))  Dr. Urban Emmenegger, MD Medical Oncologist, Odette Cancer Centre (Div. of Medical Oncology) and Sunnybrook Research Institute (Biological Sciences Platform) Assistant Professor, Dept. of Medicine, U. of Toronto Associate Member, Inst. of Medical Science, U. of Toronto CLICK ON THE ARROW TO START THE VIDEO The Complete Presentation time is 2:15:05 <

Video: “HIFU-The Prostate Cancer Lumpectomy!”

September 2020 Awareness Night HIFU-The Prostate Cancer Lumpectomy!  Focused treatment to kill the cancer – NOT-your Quality of Life Dr. Jack Barkin, MD, FICS, FACS, DABU, MHM, CCPE, FRCS Clinical Professor, Department of Surgery, University of Toronto Urologic/ Robotic Surgeon, Humber River Hospital Executive Editor-in-Chief, Canadian Journal of Urology Medical Director, Can-Am HIFU, HIFU Proctor   This Awareness Night was held on the Zoom platform. The session will include a Q and A component. CLICK ON THE ARROW TO START THE VIDEO The Complete Presentation time is 2:12:09 <

Video: “Brachytherapy”

July 2020 Awareness Night Brachytherapy: The evolving roles of Brachytherapy for prostate cancer: teaching an old dog even newer tricks! Dr. Alejandro Berlin, MD, MScClinician-Scientist Radiation Medicine Program, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre Asst. Professor, Dept. of Radiation, U. of Toronto   This Awareness Night was held on the Zoom platform. The session will include a Q and A component. CLICK ON THE ARROW TO START THE VIDEOThe Complete Presentation time is 1:22:23 <

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