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On November 24, 2010, PCCN-Toronto (now Prostate Cancer Support Toronto) began producing videos of our popular “ScotiaBank Awareness Night” , now called simply “Awareness Night” meetings, featuring the leaders in prostate cancer treatment. For those who are unable to attend or for attendees who might not recall the details of the presentation, there is a means of watching the program at your convenience. We hope that many other prostate cancer support groups will find these videos useful.

Our videos are HD (High Definition) to take advantage of HD television sets that have Internet reception or are connected to computers or Internet devices. For convenience, some of the earlier ones have been split in parts for viewing ease. There is also a complete video of most presentations.

Disclaimer:  The contents of these videos is solely for the purposes of education and information and does not constitute personal diagnostic advice or personal medical advice.

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Prostate Cancer Support Toronto Awareness Night Videos 


March 2024 “New Developments With Focal Therapy at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre”
Dr. Nathan Perlis, MD, MSc, FRCSC

Assistant Professor, University of Toronto, Department of Surgery
Clinician Investigator, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre
Cancer Clinical Research Unit CCRU, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre

January 2024 “What you need to know about prostate cancer from decision-making, to mental health, to a scientific update on healthy habits”
Dr. Rob Rutledge, MD, FRCPC and Dr. Gabriela Ilie, PhD
(Dalhousie University)
Clinical Lead and Principal Investigator,  Prostate Cancer-PEP (PC-PEP) Program,

November 2023  “Optimizing Sexual Well-being and Intimacy after a Prostate Cancer Diagnosis”
Reanne Booker, PhD(c), MN, BScN, NP
University of Victoria, Nurse Practitioner, Hematology/Oncology
Tom Baker Cancer Centre, Calgary Alberta

Sept. 2023 “Prostate cancer genetics”
Justin Lorentz, MSc, CGC and Emily Thain, MSc, CGC
Genetic counsellors, respectively at
Sunnybrook Health Science Centre and Princess Margaret Cancer Centre

March 2023 “Immunotherapy in prostate cancer”
Dr. Martin Smoragiewic, MD, CM, PhD, FRCPC
Medical Oncologist, Odette Cancer Centre
Assistant Professor, University of Toronto

Jan. 2023 “Understanding Gleason Scores and Pathology Reports”
Dr. Andrew J. Evans,  MD Ph.D. FCAP FRCPC
Chief of Pathology, Medical Director of Laboratory Medicine, Consultant in Genitourinary Pathology,
Mackenzie Health, Department of Pathology, Cortellucci Vaughan Hospital

Nov. 2022 “The Evolution of Treatment Intensification in Advanced Prostate Cancer”
Dr. Olivier Heimrath, MD FRCSC
Staff Urologist, Humber River Hospital
Associate Urologist, Michael Garron Hospital
Lecturer, University of Toronto

Sept. 2022 “Naturopathic or Integrative Care for Prostate Cancer”

Dr. Eric Marsden Bsc ND

Centre For Excellence in Integrative Medicine

July 2022 “Management of Advanced Prostate Cancer”

Dr. Di (Maria) Jiang, MD, Msc, FRCPC
Staff Oncologist, Genitourinary Group, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, UHN
Asst Prof., Clinician Investigator, Dept of Medicine, U. of Toronto

May 2022 “Healthy Communication and Cancer “

Tara Daniels, BA, BFA, MACP
Canadian Certified Counsellor, Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association (CCPA).
Bachelor of Arts in Art History, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Master of Counselling in Counselling Psychology

March 2022 “Prostate Cancer and Cardiovascular Disease”

Dr. Darryl Leong, MBBS(Hons), MPH, M.Biostat, PhD, FRACP, FESC
Director, McMaster University and Hamilton Health Sciences Cardio-Oncology Program,
Associate Professor, Department of Medicine (Cardiology), McMaster University
Staff Cardiologist, Hamilton Health Sciences.McMaster.

January 2022 “Prostate Radiotherapy: the present and future of high precision treatment”

Dr. Danny Vesprini, B.Sc, M.Sc, MD, FRCPC
Dept. of radiation oncology, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, Toronto
Affiliate scientist, Biological Sciences, , Sunnybrook Research Institute
Assistant professor, Dept. of radiation oncology, University of Toronto

November 2021 “Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy for the Management of Erectile Dysfunction and Bladder Leakage Following Prostate Cancer Treatments”

Christina Dzieduszycki, MSc, PT, BA (Kin)
Registered Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist Hons Kin

September 2021 “Managing Prostate Cancer in a Pandemic”

Dr. Rajiv Singal,  MD, FRCSC
Endourology, Urologic Cancer and Robotic Surgery
Michael Garron Hospital, Asst. Prof., Dept. of Surgery, U. of Toronto

                            July 2021Six Prostate Cancer Stories

                             Presented by 6 of the men in our support group.


May 2021 “Physical, Psychological, and Functional Aspects of Prostate Cancer”

Dr. Andrew Matthew, PhD, C. Psych


March 2021 25 YEARS IN PROSTATE CANCER CARE:  Where we were and where we are headed
Dr. Gerard Morton, MD, FRCPC
Sunnybrook Health Science Centre


Jan. 2021 Treatment of Advanced Prostate Cancer: From A(palutamide) to Z(ytiga(tm))
Dr. Urban Emmenegger, MD
Medical Oncologist, Odette Cancer Centre (Div. of Medical Oncology)
and Sunnybrook Research Institute (Biological Sciences Platform)
Assistant Professor, Dept. of Medicine, U. of Toronto
Associate Member, Inst. of Medical Science, U. of Toronto

Nov. 2020 “There is Sex after Prostate Cancer”
Dr. Stephen Holzapfel, MD, CCFP, FCFP
Assoc. Prof., Dept. of Family and Community Medicine,
and Dept. of Obstetrics and Gynecology, U. Toronto
Dir. of the Sexual Medicine Counselling Unit Dept. of Family and Community Medicine at Women’s College Hospital

Sept. 2020 “HIFU-The Prostate Cancer Lumpectomy!
Clinical Prof., Dept of Surgery, U. of Toronto
Urologic/ Robotic Surgeon, Humber River Hospital
Executive Editor-in-Chief, Canadian Journal of Urology
Medical Director, Can-Am HIFU, HIFU Proctor

July 2020 “Brachytherapy
Dr. Alejandro Berlin, MD, MSc
Clinician-Scientist, Radiation Medicine Program, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre
Asst. Professor, Dept. of Radiation, U. of Toronto

May 2020 “The Benefits of Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy”
Nelly Faghani, B.Sc., P.T., M.C.P.A.
Registered Physiotherapist


DrDannyVespriniNov. 2019 Active Surveillance Decisions (Why, Who, How, and When you know it’s time to be treated)
Dr. Danny Vesprini, MD, MSc, FRCPC
Affiliate Scientist, Biological Sciences,  Sunnybrook Research Institute
Radiation Oncologist, Dept. of Radiation Oncology, Sunnybrook Odette Cancer Centre
Asst. Prof., Dept. of Radiation Oncology, U. of Toronto

Oct. 2019 “Complete Prostate Cancer Care: the Science and Practice of Empowerment
Dr. Dr. Rob Rutledge MD, FRCPC
Radiation Oncologist, Nova Scotia Cancer Centre
Associate Professor, Department of Radiation Oncology Dalhousie University
Chair & CEO, Healing and Cancer Foundation

Sept. 2019 Prostate Cancer and the Genes You Are Born With
Dr. Neil Fleshner, MD, MPH, FRCSC
Chair & Professor, University of Toronto Department of Urology
Head,Division of Urology University Health Network (incorporating Princess Margaret Cancer Centre)

July 2019 “Imaging in Prostate Cancer, The Whats, Wheres, Whys and Whens”
Dr. Chirag Patel,]BSc (Hons), MBBS, MRCP, FRCR
Asst Prof., U. of Toronto Dept of Medical Imaging
Site Lead, U. of Toronto Abdominal Imaging Fellowship Program
Abdominal Radiologist and Head of Abdominal Imaging Division,
Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, Dept of Medical Imaging

May 2019 “Life Coaching, how it can help with the prostate cancer journey”
Claudia Aronowitz, MSc, PCC
Professional Coach and Mediator


March 2019  “Prostate Cancer Genetics: Where are we now?”
Justin Lorentz MSc, CGC
Cancer Genetic Counsellor
Lead,Male Oncology Research and Education (MORE)
Dept of Radiation Oncology, Sunnybrook Odette Cancer Centre

November 2018 Erectile dysfunction, incontinence and sexual toys
Dr, Sidney Radomski, MD, FRCSC
Director, Urodynamics Laboratory,Toronto Western Hospital,part of University Health Network
Professor, Dept. of Surgery (Urology), University of Toronto

July 2018 Survivor Forum
Prostate cancer survivors talk about their journeys.


May 2018 “Improving Your Well-Being Through the Body-Mind-Soul Connection”
Carrie Poteck BA, MT, RYT250
Carrie completed her Master’s Degree on the impact of Mindfulness and Well-being and has been instructing in this area for many years in educational, therapeutic, and corporate settings.

March 2018 “How clinical trials have changed prostate cancer care”
Dr. Andrew Loblaw, BSc MD MSc FRCPC CIP
Clinician Scientist , Ont. Assoc. of Radiation Oncology
Staff Radiation Oncologist & Clinician Scientist, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Scientist, Sunnybrook Research Institute
Professor, Department of Radiation Oncology at University of Toronto

January 2018 “Transperineal Prostate Biopsies: a new paradigm in the diagnosis and monitoring of Prostate Cancer”
Dr. Stanley Flax  MB, BCh, FRCSC
Staff Urologist, North York General Hospital,
Co-Chair, North York General Hospital’s OR Product Standardization & Evaluation Committee,
Director, Gale & Graham Wright Prostate Cancer Centre.
and Dr. Adam Tunis MD, MSc, FRCPC
Clinical Director of Medical Imaging Informatics,
Staff Radiologist, North York General Hospital Dept. of Medical Imaging


November 2017 “Partner, caregiver and survivor forum”
Leah Jamnicky, RN, BScN
Urology Clinical Co-ordinator, Co-Lead, GUSurvivorhip Program,
Co-Director, Prostate Cancer Survivorship Program, University Health Network

September 2017 “Brachytherapy for Prostate Cancer and Breast Cancer”
Dr. Juanita Crook, MD, FRCPC
Prof. of Radiation Oncology, U. of British Columbia
Radiation Oncologist,  Center for the Southern Interior in Kelowna BC

July 2017 “Partial gland ablation for localized prostate cancer: Who is eligible and what are the risks?”
Dr. Nathan Perlis, MD, MSc, FRCSC
Clinical assistant, Div. of Urology, University Health Network
Clinical fellow, Society of Urological Oncology, U. of Toronto

May 2017 “Naturopathic Approaches to Prostate Cancer and Prostate Health”
Dr. Jeff Appelmann, BSc, ND
Naturopathic Doctor/Clinic Director, Canadian Naturopathic Cancer Clinic


March 2017 “The Prostate Gland and Testosterone: relationship, importance to overall health, and the impact of prostate cancer and treatment on one’s health”
Dr. Joseph R. LaBossiere, BMSc, MD, MSc, FRCSC
Reconstructive Urology Fellow, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

January 2017 “The Future of PSA Based Prostate Cancer (PCa) Screening – Screening Smarter and Individualized Risk Assessment”
Dr. Raj Satkunasivam, MD, MS, FRCSC
Urologic Oncologist,  Odette Cancer Centre, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Asst Prof., Div. of Urology, Dept of Surgery, U. of Toronto

November 2016 “Sexual Health and Prostate Cancer”
Dr. Andrew Matthew,PhD., C.Psych
Asst Prof., Dept of Surgery, Asst Prof., Dept of Psychiatry, Faculty of Medicine, U. of Toronto,
Senior staff Psychologist, Member of the Dept of Psychosocial Oncology and Palliative Care, Co-Lead, Genito-Urinary Survivorship Program at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre

markcullenSeptember 2016 “A Surgeon and His Patient
Mark Cullen, Gardening Expert
Member of the Order of Canada and Dr. Groll’ s patient


drryangrolland Dr. Ryan Groll, MD, MSc, FRCSC
Endourologist, Laparoscopic and Robotic Surgeon, Michael Garron Hospital
Lecturer, Dept. of Surgery, U. of Toronto and Mark’s surgeon


DrMasoomHaiderJuly 2016 “Imaging Tests
Dr. Masoom Haider, MD, FRCPC
Senior scientist, Physical Sciences, Odette Cancer Research Program, Sunnybrook Research Institute
Chief,Dept of medical imaging, Sunnybrook Health Science Centre
Prof., department of medical imaging, U. of Toronto,Clinician scientist, Ontario Institute for Cancer Research

DrRajivSingal2May 2016 “A twenty year personal reflection on the privilege of caring for men with prostate cancer”
Dr. Rajiv Singal, MD, FRCSC
Endourology, Urologic Cancer and Robotic Surgery
Michael Garron Hospital
Asst. Prof., Dept. of Surgery, U. of Toronto

JustinLorentzMarch 2016  “Genetically Predisposed: Who is at Increased Risk of Developing Prostate Cancer?
Justin Lorentz, MSc, CGC,
Certified Genetic Counsellor, Male Oncology Research and Education (MORE)
Lead, Dept of Radiation Oncology, Sunnybrook Odette Cancer Centre

DrDannyVespriniand Dr. Danny Vesprini, MD, MSc, FRCPC
Asst Prof., U. of Toronto Dept of Radiation Oncology
Affiliate Scientist, Biological Sciences, Sunnybrook Research Institute, Sunnybrook Odette Cancer Centre


Dr.Shabbir_AlibhaiJanuary 2016 “Understanding, preventing and managing side effects of hormone therapy.”
Dr. Shabbir Alibhai,
Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, Senior Scientist, Toronto General Research Institute (TGRI), Scientist, Toronto Rehabilitation Institute (TRI),
Asst Prof, Depts of Medicine and Health Policy, Management, and Evaluation at the U of Toronto

DrDeanEltermanNovember 2015 Incontinence and Erectile Dysfunction
Dr. Dean Elterman MD, MSc, FRCSC
Asst Prof., Dept of Surgery, U. of Toronto
Div. of Urology, Dept of Surgery, University Health Network, Western General Hospital

DrBartlett_JohnSeptember 2015 “Prostate Cancer – we need to know more”
Dr. John Bartlett,  BSc, PhD, FRCPath Ontario Institute of Cancer Research


DrGeraldMortonJuly 2015 “Radiation and Hormone Therapy
Assoc. Prof. , Dept of Radiation Oncology, U of Toronto,
Radiation Oncologist, Head of Brachytherapy, Sunnybrook Odette Cancer Centre
Chair,  Ontario Association of Radiation Oncologists
Affiliate scientist, Evaluative Clinical Sciences, Odette Cancer Research Program, Sunnybrook Research Institute

DrKellMay 2015 Radical Prostatectomy: Do differences in technique make a difference”
Dr. John S. Kell, B.A., M.D., F.R.C.S.C.
Head of Division of Urology Toronto East General Hospital
Chair of Ontario Medical Association, Section on Urology.

DrMichelleFlaxMarch 2015 The Psychology of a Prostate Cancer Diagnosis
Dr. Michelle Flax, Ph.D., C. Psych, Psychologist and Psychoanalyst


November 2014 Our 20th Anniversary

drWarde_picNovember 2014 “Radiation Therapy: Where we are and where we’re going”
Dr. Padraig Warde, MB, ChB, BAO, FRCPC,Princess Margaret Cancer Centre
Prof, Dept of Radiation Oncology, U of Toronto
Staff Radiation Oncologist, Princess Margaret Hospital/University Health Network
Provincial Head, Radiation Treatment Program Cancer Care Ontario

Please Note:  Unfortunately, the videos for the following presentations are no longer available.  We are working on getting them back, but they are somewhat dated and there are newer ones available for most topics.  If there is a particular one that interests you, please email us at the link found at the bottom of this page and we will try to make it available.

Dr. LoblawMay 2014  “Image-Guided Diagnosis and Treatment-  The Future of Prostate Cancer has Arrived!”
Dr. Andrew Loblaw, MD, MSc, FRCSC, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Staff Radiation Oncologist, Odette Cancer Centre, Assoc. Professor,Dept of Radiation Oncology & Dept of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation, U. of Toronto, Courtesy Staff, Dept of Surgery, North York General Hosp., Surgical Oncology, Div. of Urology, University Health Network

DrFinelli picMarch 2014 “20 years in Prostate Cancer Care: where we were and where we’re headed”
Dr. Tony Finelli, MD, MSc, FRC
Staff Surgeon, Surgical Oncology, Div. of Urology, University Health Network
Associate Professor, Dept. of Surgical Oncology, Div. of Urology/Minimally Invasive Surgery, U. of Toronto

Dr.SharirJanuary 2014 “Decision-making and patient-doctor communication regarding prostate cancer”
Dr. Sharon Sharir, MD, MPH, FRCSC
Division of Urology, Humber River Regional Hospital
Assistant Professor, Dept. of Surgery, U. of Toronto

DrRadomskiNovember 2013 “Erectile Dysfunction and Urinary Incontinence after Prostate Cancer Treatment”
Dr.Sidney Radomski MD, FRCSC
Dir., Urodynamics Laboratory,Toronto Western Hosp.,part of University Health Network,
Prof., Dept. of Surgery (Urology), U. of Toronto

September 2013 “Prostate Cancer – identifying men at high risk before it’s too late””
Dr. Danny Vesprini, MD, MSc, BSc, FRCPC
Asst Prof. Dept of Radiation Oncology, U. of Toronto, Staff Radiation Oncologist, Sunnybrook Odette Cancer Centre


The following is a presentation provided by PCCN Brampton, PCCN Oakville – Mississauga and PCCN Waterloo-Wellington
September 2013 “Minimally Invasive Treatment, Modalities for Prostate Cancer””
J.L.Chin M.D., Professor of Urology & Oncology, University of Western Ontario, Researcher and Author.
Doctor. Chin discusses Cryotherapy, Focal Therapy, HIFU, Brachytherapy , High Dose Brachytherapy, Robotic System, Cyberknife, Nanoknife, Transurethral Ultrasound Ablation, Robotic Prostatectectamy, da Vinci System

Pic_101July 2013 “Hormones, hormone therapy and prostate cancer”
Dr. Robert Hamilton, MD, MPH, FRCSC
Surgical Oncologist,The Princess Margaret University Health Network
Asst Prof., Dept. of Surgery (Urology), U. of Toronto

Dr. Saibish photo email 96_cr131wMay 2013 “The current role of Brachytherapy”
Dr. Saibishkumar Elantholi Parameswaran “Dr. Saibish” MBBS, MD, FRCPCAsst Prof., Dept of Radiation Oncology, U of Toronto, The Princess Margaret Cancer Centre


Dr Jarvi97_cr131wMarch 2013 “Prostate Cancer Survivors: What Now?”
Survivorship issues in men with prostate cancer. Incontinence, Erectile Dysfunction, Fertility, Need for radiation/chemo after surgery/radiation, In Vitro Fertilization and more.
Dr. Keith Jarvi, MD, FRCSC(C) Chief of Urology, and Director Murray Koffler Urologic Wellness Centre, Mount Sinai Hospital

Rocco-Rossi 131wMarch 2013 “Rocco Rossi visits PCCN Toronto” Prostate Cancer Canada, President & Chief Executive Officer



DR KLOTZ 01_2013January 2013 “Navigating treatment options for localized prostate cancer”
Dr.Laurence Klotz, MD, FRCSC, Professor, Dept of Surgery, U of Toronto, Chief, Div of Urology, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre


Dr. Padricke WardeNovember 2012 “Radiation Therapy for Prostate Cancer in 2012 and beyond.”
Dr. Padrick Warde, MD, MCChB BAO, FRCPC Professor, Dept of Radiation Oncology, U. of Toronto


September 2012 “Using viruses to target Prostate Cancer.”
Dr. Patrick Lee, PhD, Professor, Dept of Microbiology & Immunology, Fac. of Medicine, Dalhousie University, Halifax


July 2012 “MR-guided Laser Focal Therapy for Prostate Cancer.”
Dr. Uri Lindner B.Sc., M.D. Uro-Oncology Fellow, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, Toronto


Dr. Rajiv SingalMay 2012 “Prostate Cancer Diagnostics: the past, present, and future and the PSA controversy.”
Dr. Rajiv Singal MD, FRCSC Head, Div. of Urology, Toronto East General Hospital, Lecturer, Dept of Surgery, U. of Toronto



March 2012 “Holistic and Herbal: two approaches to diet, nutrition, and the treatment of prostate cancer.”
Eileen Fauster BA RAP C.Ir CPCC RhA ARHN, Holistic Cancer Therapist, Nutritionist,
Acupuncturist & Allergist


and Morwenna Given, BA MA (Oxon) BSc m.OHA BHG RH Medical Herbalist



Dr. Tony FinelliJanuary 2012 “Traditional vs Laproscopic vs Robotic- Assisted -Which type of surgery is best for you?”
Dr. Tony Finelli MD, MSc, FRCSC, Div. of Urology Minimally Invasive Surgery, Dept of Surgical Oncology, Associate Professor, U. of Toronto, Princess Margaret Hospital, Toronto


November 2011 “Surveillance, Surgery & Radiation: Decisions, Uncertainty & Wellbeing”
Dr. Andrew Matthew,Ph.D., C.Psych Psychologist, Princess Margaret Hospital, Toronto

September 2011 “Incontinence and Erectile Dysfunction”
Dr. Timothy Davies MD, FRCSC, Assistant Professor, Dept of Surgery, McMaster University, Div. of Urology, Henderson Hospital, Hamilton

July 2011 “Diet, Nutrition and Lifestyle in relation to Prostate Cancer”
Dr. Vasundara Venkateswaran Associate Professor Dept of Surgery, U. of Toronto, Div. of Urology, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, Toronto

May 2011, Our fourth Survivor Forum, features a panel of prostate cancer survivors who represent a broad range of treatments and experiences.

March 2011 Prostate Cancer: To the biopsy and beyond
Dr. Roger Buckley, Medical Director, Chief of Urology
Dr. Denis Macdonald, Chief Pathologist and Director of Laboratories, Dept of Laboratory Medicine
Dr. Irv Jacobs, Chief of Radiography Dept
All from North York General Hospital, The Gale and Graham Wright Prostate Centre

January 2011 “Personalized Medicine in Prostate Cancer”
Dr. Robert Bristow MD , PhD, FRCPC, Clinician-Scientist and Professor, Dept of Radiation Oncology and Medical Biophysics, U. of Toronto.

November 2010 “The Psychological Aspect of Prostate Cancer”
Dr. Andrew Matthew,Ph.D., C.Psych Psychologist, Princess Margaret Hospital, Toronto

Other PCCN-Toronto Videos
“A Special Tribute to Aaron Bacher” Aaron Bacher steps down after 8 1/2 Years as Chairman of “Man to Man” now “PCCN-Toronto”

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