Please Note:  During the Covid-19 pandemic, all of our group meeting are being conducted over Zoom.  Links to join these meeting will be sent out to our email lists and will also be available on this website by clicking on the scrolling banner above on every page.

At some point, we will likely be able to have in-person meetings again.  There are pros and cons to having in-person and Zoom meetings.  We will consult with our members, possibly via a simple survey, before deciding how to proceed.

Group Support

Prostate Cancer Support Toronto offers a number of forms of support.  We have  3 different regular group support meetings:

 Peer Support Group – This is our bimonthly (1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month) meeting of first timers and long-time attendees facilitated by one of our volunteers where issues relating to prostate cancer are discussed.  Click here for details.



 Toronto Warriors Group – This group meets 4-6 times per year and is intended for men with advanced prostate cancer (spread outside the prostate gland) and men with issues related to recurring rising PSA. Partners and caregivers are considered members of the Toronto Warriors group; your interest and involvement has made a huge difference. Click here for details and the date of the next meeting of this group.


Quality of Life Group – This group meets 4-6 times per year. Survivors (and their partners/caregivers) share impressions and experiences regarding the impact of a prostate cancer diagnosis on lifestyle/relationships/wellbeing/work. Click here for details and the date of the next meeting of this group.

Individual Support

For those who would prefer a more peer to peer approach, we offer individual support:

We have a telephone Support Line at 416-932-8820.  Leave a reasonably detailed message and one of our volunteers will call back as soon as possible.  We maintain lists of experiences so that the most appropriate person can return calls.  This service is also available via email at


Because a diagnosis of prostate cancer can affect the entire family, special peer support and advice is available to female partners and caregivers of newly diagnosed men and survivors.  We refer to this as Prostate Cancer Support Toronto Side by Side Peer SupportClick here for details.


We also visit the local cancer hospitals, both in the clinics and post-op for men who have had surgery.  Click here for details.


There is also a new Peer-Navigator program outside of our group from TrueNth.  Click here for details.

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