Repeat prostate biopsies prior to radical prostatectomy do not impact erectile function recovery and mid‐ to long‐term continence

Repeat biopsy before radical prostatectomy impairs early continence after surgery. However, erectile function recovery and mid‐term to long‐term continence are not affected. These data support the current trend towards active surveillance and delayed local treatment in patients with low‐ to intermediate‐risk prostate cancer. Read the article here.

Video: “Transperineal Prostate Biopsies: a new paradigm in the diagnosis and monitoring of Prostate Cancer”

January 2018 Awareness Night Transperineal Prostate Biopsies: a new paradigm in the diagnosis and monitoring of Prostate Cancer   Dr. Stanley Flax  MB, BCh, FRCSC Staff Urologist, North York General Hospital, Co-Chair, North York General Hospital’s OR Product Standardization & Evaluation Committee, Director, Gale & Graham Wright Prostate Cancer Centre.   Dr. Adam Tunis MD, MSc, FRCPC Clinical Director of Medical Imaging Informatics, Staff Radiologist, North York General Hospital Dept. of Medical Imaging       CLICK ON THE ARROW TO START THE VIDEO The Complete Presentation 36:22 minutes 

A peek behind the curtain: pathologists are the most important doctors you’ll never meet

Unlike your GP, urologist, and oncologist, pathologists are not docs that you choose and you’ll likely never meet them. They are associated with labs and with medical practices. They rarely meet patients or speak to them. In fact, in some areas pathologists are barred from speaking to patients. An interview with Dr. Les Raff, head pathologist at UroPartners LLC in Chicago. Read the article here.

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