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Next Awareness Night meeting: Wed. July 24, 2024, 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. when Dr. Ravi Kumar (University Health Network) will present on “Exact/U Micro Ultrasound Technology For Targeted Prostate Biopsies” The Awareness Night Meetings are being held on the Zoom teleconferencing platform.  Please follow the link in the banner at the top of every page for details.  On these occasions, leading medical professionals speak on a range of topics related to prostate cancer and then, following a break, answer your questions. Family members and friends are welcome to attend. If you are on our mailing list, a notice of each event will be sent to you.




From our January 2024 Awareness Night




Coming Meetings – 2024

Date Speaker Topic/Subject
NEXT! Wed. 2024 July 24 Dr. Ravi Kumar (University Health Network) Exact/U Micro Ultrasound Technology For Targeted Prostate Biopsies
2024 Sept. 10 Dr. Hans Chung (Sunnybrook Health Science Centre) What ‘s New in Radiation Therapy, SBRT, Brachytherapy and External Beam
2024 Nov. 26 Dr. Dean Elterman (University Health Network) Developments in ED and Incontinence Support

Previous Meetings 2015-2024

Date Speaker Topic/Subject
2024 May 27 Dr. Andrew Evans (MacKenzie Health) (View Video) Post Surgery Pathology
2024 Mar. 26 Dr. Nathan Perlis (University Health Network) (View Video) New Developments At Princess Margaret With Focal Therapy etc.
2024 Jan. 30 Dr. Rob Rutledge and Dr. Gabriela Ilie (Dalhousie University) (View Video) What you need to know about prostate cancer from decision-making, to mental health, to a scientific update on healthy habits
2023 Nov. 28 Reanne Booker, (Alberta Health Services) (View Video) Optimizing Sexual Well-being and Intimacy after a Prostate Cancer Diagnosis
2023 Sept. 26 Justin Lorentz, (Sunnybrook) and Emily Thain, (UHN) (View Video) Prostate cancer genetics
2023 July 25 Dr. Richard Wassersug (University of British
Columbia) (No video was produced.)
Androgen deprivation therapy (ADT) and bone health
2023 May 30 Dr. Brian Wodlinger
This presentation had to be rescheduled to July 2024.
ExactVu micro-ultrasound technology
for targeted biopsies
2023 Mar. 28 Dr. Martin Smoragiewicz (Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre) (View Video) Immunotherapy in prostate cancer
2023 Jan. 31 Dr. Andrew Evans (Mackenzie Health) (View Video) Understanding Gleason scores and
pathology reports
2022 Nov 30 Dr. Olivier Heimrath (Humber River) (View Video) The Evolution of Treatment Intensification in Advanced Prostate Cancer
2022 Sept 28 Dr. Eric Marsden-Marsden (Centre For Excellence in Integrative Medicine) (View Video) Naturopathic Cancer Care and Prostate Cancer
2022 Jul 27 Dr Di (Maria) Jiang (Princess Margaret) (View Video) Management of Advanced Prostate Cancer
2022 May 25 Tara Daniels (Inspired Health BC) (View Video) Healthy Communication and Cancer
2022 Mar 30 Dr. Darryl Leong (Hamilton Health Sciences Cardio) (View Video) Cardiovascular Disease and Prostate Cancer
2022 Jan 26 Dr Danny Vesprini (Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre) (View Video) Prostate Radiotherapy: the present and future of high precision treatment
2021 Nov 24 Christina Dzieduszycki (View Video) Physiotherapy Approach to pre-habilitation and rehabilitation of urinary incontinence, erectile dysfunction and loss of penile length
2021 Sep 30 Dr. Rajiv Kumar Singal (Michael Garron Hospital) (View Video) Managing Prostate Cancer in a Pandemic
2021 July 28 Survivor Forum –  Six Prostate Cancer Stories (View Video) PCS Toronto survivors /volunteers share their prostate cancer journeys
2021 May 26 Dr. Andrew Matthew (Princess Margaret Cancer Centre) (View Video) The Psychology of a Prostate Cancer Diagnosis
2021 Mar 31 Dr. Gerard Morton (Odette Cancer Centre) (View Video) 25 Years in Prostate Cancer Care: Where we were and where we are headed.
2021 Jan. 27 Dr. Urban Emmenegger (Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre) (View Video) Treatment of Advanced Prostate Cancer: From A(palutamide) to Z(ytiga(tm))
2020 Nov. 25 Dr. Stephen Holzapfel (Women’s College Hospital) (View Video) There is Sex After Prostate Cancer!
2020 Sept.30 Dr. Jack Barkin (University Urology Associates) (View Video) HIFU-The Prostate Cancer Lumpectomy!
2020 July 29 Dr. Alejandro Berlin (Princess Margaret Cancer Centre) (View Video) Brachytherapy
2020 May 27 Nelly Fahagni, B.Sc., P.T., M.C.P.A. on Zoom (View Video) Benefits of Physiotherapy for Prostate Cancer
2020 Mar. 25 Dr. Urban Emmenegger (Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre) This meeting had to be cancelled.  It was rescheduled for Jan. 2021. Metastatic Prostate Cancer
2019 Nov 26 Dr. Danny Vesprini (Sunnybrook Health Science Centre)(View Video) Current Developments In Active Surveillance and the Decision of When To Treat
2019 Oct 17 Dr. Rob Rutledge (Dalhousie University)(View Video)
A Special Awareness Night
Complete Prostate Cancer Care: the Science and Practice of Empowerment
(See details on p. 5 of our Sept. Newsletter)
2019 Sept 25 Dr. Neil Fleshner (University Health Network) (View Video) Prostate cancer and the genes you are born with
2019 July 31 Dr. Chirag Patel (Sunnybrook Health Science Centre) (View Video) “Imaging in Prostate Cancer”
The Whats, Wheres, Whys and Whens
2019 May 29 Claudia Aronowitz, MSc, PCC (View Video) Life Coaching , how it can help with the prostate cancer journey
2019 Mar 27 Justin Lorentz, MSc (Sunnybrook Health Science Centre) (View Video) Cancer Genetics, its impact on prostate cancer, current developments and impact on potential treatment
2018 Nov 14 Dr. Sidney Radomski (Toronto Western Hospital) (View Video) Erectile dysfunction, incontinence and sexual toys
2018 Sep 26 Dr. Mark Moyad (U. Michigan) (No video was made of this presentation.) Fad diets, dietary supplements and RX from A to Z: What works and what is worthless (2018 update)
2018 July 25 Survivor Forum (View Video) PCCNToronto survivors /volunteers share their prostate cancer journeys
2018 May 30 Carrie Poteck, BA, MT, RYT250.(View Video) Improving your Well-Being through the Body-Mind-Soul Connection
2018 Mar 28 Dr. Andrew Loblaw (Sunnybrook Health Science Centre)(View Video) How clinical trials have changed prostate cancer care.
2018 Jan 31 Dr. Stanley Flax and Dr. Adam Tunis (North York General Hospital) (View Video) Perineal biopsies and the role of imaging in biopsies
2017 Nov 22 Leah Jamnicky (Princess Margaret Cancer Centre) and panel (View Video) Partner/ Caregiver/ Survivor Forum
2017 Sep 13 Dr. Juanita Crook (BCCA Centre for the Southern Interior) (View Video) Brachytherapy for prostate cancer and breast cancer
2017 July 26 Dr. Nathan Perlis (Princess Margaret Cancer Centre) (View Video) Partial gland ablation for localized prostate cancer: Who is eligible and what are the risks?
2017 May 31 Jeff Appelmann, BSc, ND (Menen Centre for Optimal Health and Canadian Integrative Cancer Centre) (View Video) Naturopathic approaches to prostate cancer and prostate health
2017 March 29 Dr. Joseph R. LaBoissiere, (Reconstructive Urology Fellow, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre) (View Video) The Prostate Gland and Testosterone: relationship, importance to overall health, and the impact of prostate cancer and treatment on one’s health
2017 Jan 25 Dr. Raj Satkunasivam (Sunnybrook Odette Cancer Centre) (View Video) The Future of PSA Based Prostate Cancer (PCa) Screening – Screening Smarter and Individualized Risk Assessment
2016 Nov 30 Dr. Andrew Matthew (Princess Margaret Cancer Centre) (View Video) Sexual Health and Prostate Cancer: The “SHAReCLINIC” – an online sexual health clinic
2016 Sep 21
Mark Cullen, Gardening expert and prostate cancer survivor.
Dr. Ryan Groll, Mark Cullen’s surgeon.
(Michael Garron Hospital)(View Video)
Their Experiences and the Doctor/Patient Relationship
2016 July 27 Dr. Masoom Haider (Sunnybrook Health Science Centre) (View Video) Imaging tests
2016 May 25 Dr. Rajiv Kumar Singal (Michael Garron Hospital) (View Video) A twenty year personal reflection on the privilege of caring for men with prostate cancer
2016 March 30 Justin Lorentz, MSc and Dr. Danny Vesprini (Sunnybrook Health Science Centre) (View Video) Genetically Predisposed: Who is at Increased Risk of Developing Prostate Cancer?
2016 Jan 27 Dr. Shabbir Alibhai (Princess Margaret Cancer Centre)(View Video) Understanding, preventing and managing side effects of hormone therapy.
2015 Nov 25 Dr. Dean Elterman (Western General Hospital)(View video) Incontinence and Erectile Dysfunction
2015 Sep 16 Dr. John Bartlett (Ontario Institute of Cancer Research)(View Video) Prostate Cancer – we need to know more
2015 Jul 29 Dr. Gerard Morton (Odette Cancer Centre) (View video) Radiation and hormone therapy
2015 May 27 Dr. John Kell (Toronto east General Hospital) (View Video) Different types of surgery
2015 Mar 25 Dr. Michelle Flax (View Video) The psychology of a cancer diagnosis
2015 Jan 28 Dr. Andrew Feifer (Credit Valley Hospital) Testing procedures & diagnosing prostate cancer
2014 Nov 26 Dr. Padraig Warde (Princess Margaret Cancer Centre) (View Video) Radiation Therapy: Where we are and where we’re going

Previous Meetings 2010-2014

Please Note:  Unfortunately, the following videos are no longer available

Date Speaker Topic/Subject
2014 Sep 17 Prostate Cancer Awareness Week Dr. Mark Moyad (No video was made of this presentation.) Fad diets, dietary supplements & Rx from A-Z: What works, What’s Worthless, and
What’s New in 2014!
2014 Jul 30 Survivor Forum V Personal Stories
2014 May 28 Dr. Andrew Loblaw (Sunnybrook Odette Cancer Centre) Image-Guided Diagnosis and Treatment – The Future of Prostate Cancer has Arrived
2014 Mar 26 Dr. Tony Finelli (Princess Margaret Cancer Centre) 20 years of prostate cancer care, where we are and where we are headed
2014 Jan 29 Dr. Sharon Sharir (Humber River Regional Hospital) Decision-making and patient-doctor communication
regarding prostate cancer.
2013 Nov 27 Dr. Sidney Radomski (Toronto Western Hospital) Incontinence and Erectile Dysfunction
2013 Sept 18 Dr. Danny Vesprini (Odette Cancer Centre) and Ken Shaw (CTV News) Prostate Cancer – identifying men at high risk before it is too late. and My Personal Journey
2013 July 31 Dr. Rob Hamilton (Princess Margaret Cancer Centre) Hormones, hormone therapy, and prostate cancer.
2013 May 29 Dr. Saibish (Princess Margaret Cancer Centre) Prostate cancer treatment: Current role of Brachytherapy
2013 Mar 27 Dr. Keith Jarvi (Mount Sinai Hospital) So I’ve survived prostate cancer! What next? Survivorship issues in men with prostate cancer
2013 Jan 30 Dr. Laurence Klotz (Sunnybrook Hospital) Navigating treatment options for localized prostate cancer
2012 Nov 28 Dr. Padraig Warde (Princess Margaret Cancer Centre) Radiation Therapy for Prostate Cancer in 2012 and Beyond
2012 Sept 19 Dr. Patrick Lee, PhD (Dalhousie University – Halifax) Using viruses to target prostate cancer
2012 July 25 Dr. Uri Lindner (Princess Margaret Cancer Centre) Focal Therapy
2012 May 30 Dr. Rajiv Kumar Singal (Toronto East General Hospital) Prostate Cancer Diagnostics: the past, present and future – and the PSA controversy.
2012 Mar 28 Eileen Fauster & Morwenna Given Holistic and Herbal: two approaches to diet, nutrition, and the treatment of prostate cancer.
2012 Jan 25 Dr. Tony Finelli (Princess Margaret Cancer Centre) Traditional vs Laparoscopic vs Robotic-Assisted: which type of surgery is best for you?
2011 Nov 30 Dr. Andrew Matthew (Princess Margaret Cancer Centre) Surveillance, Surgery & Radiation: Decisions, Uncertainty & Wellbeing
2011 Sept 21 Dr. Timothy Owen Davies (Henderson Hospital, Hamilton) Incontinence and Erectile Dysfunction
2011 July 27 Dr. Vasundara Venkateswaran – (Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre) Diet, Nutrition and Lifestyle in relation to prostate cancer.
2011 May 25 SURVIVOR FORUM IV PCCN-Toronto Survivors – our personal journeys
2011 Mar 30 Dr. Roger Buckley (North York General Hospital) The Prostate Journey – to the biopsy and beyond
2011 Jan 26 Dr. Rob Bristow (Princess Margaret Cancer Centre) Prostate cancer genes and personalized medicine
2010 Nov 30 Dr. Andrew Matthew (Princess Margaret Cancer Centre) The Psychological Aspect of Prostate Cancer


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