Video: “Program on Diet and Nutritional Lifestyle” – AS 101

Here is the recording of the latest AS 101 webinar. Newly diagnosed patients with prostate cancer often ask if there is a particular diet plan they should follow. Stacy Loeb, MD, a professor in the Department of Urology at NYU Grossman School of Medicine addresses diet and other lifestyle questions in the newest segment of AS 101, an ongoing “college-like” course to help these newly diagnosed patients. Be sure to visit the ASPI (Active Surveillance Patients International ) website to stay up to date with the AS 101 series. Watch  it here

Five Steps to a Healthier Lifestyle After Prostate Cancer Treatment Ends

Making healthier lifestyle choices can help improve your overall health and well-being. And some research suggests that men who follow a healthy diet and exercise regularly have better outcomes after prostate cancer treatment. If your lifestyle before your diagnosis and treatment wasn’t particularly healthy, you can look at this time as an opportunity to get on the right track. Read the article.

Stress and Cancer

Staying positive and controlling your overall mental health, through diet, exercise, and maintaining a positive outlook is important in helping to prevent and control your disease. Read the article here.

Prostate Cancer and Exercise

It is common for men to reduce their levels of physical activity after a prostate cancer diagnosis as they deal with the surgery, side effects from medication, and emotional challenges that arise after a cancer diagnosis. However, exercise is very beneficial in managing both physical and mental wellbeing after a diagnosis. Read the article here.

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