Video: “Prostate Cancer and Cardiovascular Disease”

March 2022 Awareness Night Dr Darryl Leong, MBBS(Hons), MPH, M.Biostat, PhD, FRACP, FESC Director, McMaster University and Hamilton Health Sciences Cardio-Oncology Program, Associate Professor, Department of Medicine (Cardiology), McMaster University Staff Cardiologist, Hamilton Health Sciences.McMaster.     CLICK ON THE ARROW TO START THE VIDEO The Complete Presentation time is 1:18:44 Disclaimer:  The contents of this video is solely for the purposes of education and information and does not constitute personal diagnostic advice or personal medical advice. 

Finasteride does not increase risk of prostate cancer death

The landmark Prostate Cancer Prevention Trial has delivered a final verdict. Finasteride, a common hormone-blocking drug, reduces mens’ risk of getting prostate cancer without increasing their risk of dying from the disease. Initial study findings suggested there may be a link between use of the drug and a more lethal form of prostate cancer, but long-term follow-up shows that is not true. Read the article here.

Abiraterone Delays Metastatic Prostate Cancer Growth by 18 Months, Extends Survival

Adding abiraterone acetate (Zytiga) plus prednisone to standard hormonal therapy for men newly diagnosed with high-risk, metastatic prostate cancer lowers the chance of death by 38%. In a phase III clinical trial of 1,200 men, abiraterone also more than doubled the median time until the cancer worsened, from 14.8 months to 33 months. Read the article here.

Biolyse Pharma stymied in effort to make cheaper version of pricey prostate cancer drug

A small Canadian company has waded into a U.S. drug price controversy by offering to make an expensive prostate cancer drug for a fraction of the price. Right now Xtandi costs U.S. patients as much as $129,000 US a year, or about $90 per pill. St. Catharines, Ont.-based Biolyse Pharma says it can make the drug for $3 a pill, or $4,400 per year, but has so far been unable to get U.S. health authorities to override the existing patent. Read the article here.

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