Prostate Cancer Treatment Breakthrough

Scientists with Deakin’s School of Medicine have found that, when coupled with the milk protein lactoferrin, the chemotherapy drug Doxorubicin (Dox) can be delivered directly into the nucleus of prostate cancer cells and will kill them cells as well as drug resistant cancer stem cells, without any side-effects. Read the article here.

Adding chemotherapy to hormone therapy added 14 months to patients’ lives in study

Chemotherapy at the start of hormone therapy can extend the lives of men with prostate cancer that has spread beyond the gland, a new study finds. Over nearly 29 months of follow-up, men with advanced prostate cancer who received the combination therapy lived almost 14 months longer than men who received only hormone therapy (58 months versus 44 months), researchers said. Read the article.

Drug from Mediterranean weed kills tumor cells in mice

Scientists at the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center, working with Danish researchers, have developed a novel anticancer drug designed to travel — undetected by normal cells through the bloodstream until activated by specific cancer proteins. The drug, made from a weedlike plant, has been shown to destroy cancers and their direct blood supplies, acting like a “molecular grenade,” and sparing healthy blood vessels and tissues. Read More.

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