Marijuana Cures Everything Dude?!

By Mark Moyad, MD // University of Michigan, one PCCN-Toronto’s favourite speakers. Here is a serious, albeit humourous, article about the use of marijuana (cannabis) for the treatment of cancer and the side effects of treatment, including references from the medical literature. “Do I think marijuana or one of its compounds can fight cancer or encourage the growth of cancer? Yes! Since we have no idea at the moment and some laboratory studies suggest both possibilities, we have to be honest.” Read the article.

Fat, Cholesterol, Vitamin K2 and Prostate Cancer

Here are some recent articles on diet and prostate cancer: High-Fat Diet May Fuel Spread of Prostate Cancer The fatty diet-prostate cancer connection High-grade Prostate Cancer Risk Again Linked to Cholesterol Vitamin K2 a powerful prostate cancer fighter

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