Video: Dr. John Kell, “Different Types of Surgery”

May 2015 Scotiabank Awareness Night   Radical Prostatectomy: Do differences in technique make a difference? Dr. John S. Kell, B.A., M.D., F.R.C.S.C., Head of Division of Urology Toronto East General Hospital, Chair of Ontario Medical Association, Section on Urology.   CLICK ON THE ARROW TO START THE VIDEO The Complete Presentation 48:20 minutes

Brisk walking key for prostate cancer survivors

Brisk walking for about three hours a week is enough to help prostate cancer survivors reduce damaging side effects of their treatment, according to a promising study. “Non-vigorous walking for three hours per week seems to improve the fatigue, depression and body weight issues that affect many men post-treatment,” said Siobhan Phillips, lead author from the Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine. Read the article.

Genomic Tests to Help Determine if the Cancer is Life-Threatening

Attached is a really interesting though somewhat long at 30 minutes video  (Published on Oct 22, 2013), on the emerging role of genomics in the management of newly diagnosed low risk PC. Dr. Denes discusses the PIVOT study, PSA testing yes or no, and then goes into a discussion on genomics testing as a factor in a decision whether to continue on active surveillance or seek further treatment It is a really clear and lucid presentation which I think anyone who has been recently diagnosed or those who are on active surveillance would benefit from listening to. View Video

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