PCCN April IBulletin

The April Info Bulletin, with a number of interesting and informative stories is available here. Below are some of the stories featured in the Info Bulletin: • Wake Up Call Breakfast • Alex Young • Springhill Penitentiary Outreach • PCCN Online • Rocco Visits PCCN Calgary • PCCN Toronto & Rocco Rossi • Prostate Cancer Expert Dr.Rob Bristow guest blogs on PCC website • PCC e-update • Web & Twitter Chats with Prostate Cancer Experts • ASAP ( A Survivorship Action Partnership) • Empire Theatres Partnership • Cruise for the Cure – by Jim Dorsey • Community Events

Prostate Cancer Outcomes Good with HIFU

High-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) is a potentially effective treatment of localized prostate cancer (PCa) that is associated with a low PCa-specific mortality rate, according to researchers. It also is associated with a high metastasis-free survival rate (MFSR) at 10 years. Read the article.

Prostate Cancer AS May Be OK Despite Higher PSA

Active surveillance (AS) may be an appropriate management option in carefully selected prostate cancer (PCa) patients with a baseline PSA level of 10 ng/mL or higher, according to study findings presented at the American Urological Association annual meeting. The study showed that these patients are no more likely to experience pathologic progression that patients with lower PSA levels at baseline. Read the article.

Cancer Related Fatigue – Video

Fatigue is the most common medical issue for cancer patients.  This is video by Dr. Mike Evans of St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto tells you how to deal with it. Click here to view video.  (His other videos are available as links on this page.)

Carrots are latest weapon in the war against prostate cancer

Carrots are latest weapon in the war against prostate cancer, according to groundbreaking new research published by scientists in York. Professor Norman Maitland and his team at the University of York say a diet rich in vitamin A could be the key to beating prostate cancer because it makes the disease far more treatable. Read the article.

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