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On Jan. 26, 2011 Dr. Robert Bristow, gave details of a International Reseach project to PCCN-Toronto’s Awareness Night, prior to it’s public announcement

-The study of cancer genetics is unlocking the secrets of prostate cancer
-These secrets will give rise to new diagnostic tests and new treatments within the next 10 years.
-These will be personal secrets that can be used to individualize treatment for men with prostate cancer.
-and more

Feb. 15, 2011 from CBC News
“Prostate cancer genome to be decoded”
Prostate cancer’s genetic mutations will be mapped under a new $20 million Canadian research project that aims to eventually improve diagnosis and treatment of the disease.


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Dr. Bristow introduction by Winston Klass

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Robert Bristow MD (Toronto, 1992), PhD (Medical Biophysics, Toronto, 1997) FRCPC

Dr. Bristow is currently a Clinician-Scientist and Professor within the Departments of Radiation Oncology and Medical Biophysics at the University of Toronto. He is a Senior Scientist at the Ontario Cancer Institute and a Radiation Oncologist in Genitourinary cancers at the Princess Margaret Hospital (University Health Network).

His primary research interests are in DNA damage response and repair, prostate cancer carcinogenesis and genetic predictors of prostate cancer treatment response. He has active research programs and clinical trials pertaining to hypoxic cell targeting, use of synthetic lethality approaches to cancer treatment and combined molecular targeting with chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

He has leadership roles in:

Co-Director, STTARR Innovation Imaging Facility, MaRS/UHN
Head, Campbell Family Research Institute-PMH Prostate Cancer Research Program
Scientific Board Member, Ontario Cancer Biomarker Network
Chair, Translational Biology Advisory Group for Canadian Association of Radiation Oncology (CARO)
Editor, 4th Edition Basic Science of Oncology
Twice a Canadian Foundation for Innovation (CFI) Awardee
Former Co-Administrator, Canadian Prostate Cancer BioResearch Network
Former Chair, Scientific and Medical Advisory Board and now VP, Strategic Partnerships and Networks, Prostate Cancer Canada.
Lead, Canadian Prostate Cancer Genome Sequencing Project (CPC-GENE)

He has been a member of NCIC and NIH Biomedical Awards Review Panels, the US Army Prostate Program Review Panel, PCRFC, PCF UK, CIHR, KWF-Dutch, CR-UK and MRC UK grants panels.

He has over 200 published papers, abstracts and book chapters and has been an Invited Speaker or Visiting Professor on more than 100 occasions. He was made a Canadian Cancer Society Research Scientist in 2004.
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