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On July 29, 2021, Drs. Ming Zhou, Pathologist-in-Chief and Chair of Anatomic and
Clinical Pathology, Tufts Medical School, and Dr. Scott Eggener, Vice Chair of
Urology at the University of Chicago, debated this question: Is Gleason 6 a cancer?

The doctors presented their cases at the AnCan program in this video individually.
One of Eggener’s key points is that he has never seen a patient die from Gleason 6 so
why call it a cancer.

Zhou took the stand that if it looks like a cancer, which Gleason does under the
microscope, then it’s a cancer.

The question-and-answer period covered such issues as whether a high-volume Gleason 6
is more risky than a low-volume Gleason 3+4=7. Eggener argued that these Gleason 6’s
can be risky. He also said not enough men with 3+4 go in AS.

Hang in there with the video. During the Q&A, the doctors engage in an informative
and entertaining cross-fire discussion that should not be missed.

So who won?

Our poll showed that before the debate that 55% of respondents thought Gleason 6 is a
cancer with 10% thought it wasn’t a cancer.  35% were unsure.

The numbers changed dramatically after the debate.

Only 22% thought Gleason 6 is cancer.

And 47% said Gleason 6 is not a cancer. 31% were unsure.

The big changes were the steep drop of the percentage of men who now consider Gleason
6 a cancer and the steep gain in those who think Gleason 6 is not a cancer.

Dr. Eggener clearly won the debate.

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