In 2012, there were 21,105 new cases of prostate cancer diagnosed, representing 23.4% of all new cancer cases among men. Overall, prostate cancer accounted for 9.5% (3,708) of all cancer deaths among men in 2012.

The age-standardized incidence rate of prostate cancer has declined by an average of 3.8% per year since 2006. The annual rate of deaths due to prostate cancer has also fallen. From 1995 to 2012, the age-standardized prostate cancer mortality rate decreased by an average of 2.9% per year, a 40.9% decline over this period.

Men who were diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2012 tended to be younger than men who were diagnosed in 1995. During this time period, the median age at diagnosis for prostate cancer decreased from 71 to 67, while the median age of prostate cancer deaths increased from 78 to 82.

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