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Awareness: The PCCN-Toronto and Side by Side Prostate Cancer Support Groups Newsletter.

In this Issue:

  • May Awareness Night:  Dr. Rajiv Singal, Twenty years of caring for men with prostate cancer
  • March Awareness Night:  Justin Lorentz (w. Dr. Danny Vesprini), Who is genetically predisposed
  • Coming July Awareness Night:  Dr. Masoom Haider, MRI of the prostate: A revolution in diagnosis and treatment
  • Jim Moran (1942-2016)
  • Do It For Dads Walk/Run – Father’s Day 2016 with photos
  • Ask the Doctor – Our 3 doctors answer 2 questions
  • Board News
    • Welcome Ari Katz
    • Information meeting – Sept. 27 – conference feedback, volunteer news
  • Meet Jerry Garshon
  • PCCN-T participates in an evening at the Odette Centre and 2 health fairs
  • The 2016 awareness nights schedule
  • Don’t miss the one-liners!

Read it by clicking the link below to open the pdf file:


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