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Team touts cancer ‘lab on a chip’

(M2M comment- Dr. Aaron Wheeler at the Canadian Cancer Society Innovative Research in Cancer Event, Sept. 23, 2009, showed a similar device he is developing to detect Prostate Cancer.) Joseph Hall    HEALTH REPORTER           TORONTO STAR Aaron Wheeler holds a petri dish bearing a lump of breast tissue that resembles, in size and appearance, a piece of chewed gum. In his right, the University of Toronto chemist holds a microchip array, about the size of a credit card, bearing a drop of red liquid about a thousand times smaller than the glob of flesh. The drop represents the minute amount of …

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Analyzing Cancer Cells to Choose Treatments

Microfluidics chips allow scientists to study circulating cancer cells and determine their vulnerabilities. By Emily Singer         from   MIT Technology Review In a new clinical trial for prostate cancer, scientists will capture rare tumor cells circulating in patients’ blood, analyze them using a specialized microchip, and use the results to try to predict how well the patient will respond to a drug. The trial reflects a new phase of personalized medicine for cancer, enabled by microfluidics technologies that can isolate scarce cancer cells and detect very small changes in gene expression.

Microchip spots cancer quickly and painlessly

by Megan Ogilvie & Joseph Hall The microchip technology, created by a pair of University of Toronto scientists, will be able to determine the severity of the tumours through a simple urine sample and produce quick diagnosis with no need for painful biopsies. Now heading into the engineering stage, a BlackBerry-sized device should be available for doctors’ use within two to three years and eventually could be tuned to detect a broad range of cancers and infectious ailments, the researchers say. “The goal would be to produce a result … while you’re sitting in the waiting room,” said engineering professor …

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Dr. Kenneth Pace Discusses Robot Assisted Radical Prostatectomy — Fact vs. Fiction

Read about it in the August 2009 (pdf) Man to Man ‘Awareness’ Newsletter Sponsored by AstraZeneca • Dr. Pace discusses Robotic-assisted surgery • Dr. Morton and the importance of the PSA test • Man to Man reaches major milestone in this year’s Relay for Life • Man to Man baseball / golf caps available • Chairman participates in better patient care model at PMH • Dr. Robert Buckman next Awareness Night speaker – please note change of date to October 14, 2009 • Ray Turner loses his valiant battle to ALS

2008 Group News

Pictured above are some of our volunteers who attended the Man to Man training session on Tuesday October 28, 2008 at Valleyview Residence. Pearse Murray, Ron Benson, Philip Albert, Phil Segal, David Lunt, Denis Farbstein, David Fine, John Dell and Gordon Burchill. Pictured above are some of our volunteers who attended the Man to Man training session on Tuesday October 28, 2008 at Valleyview Residence. Ted Berman, Aaron Bacher, Allan Lappin, Stanley Mednick, Winston Klass, Bill Bryant and Harry Lockwood. Pictured above are some of our volunteers who attended the Man to Man training session on Tuesday October 28, 2008 …

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2007 Group News

At our September 2007 Awareness Night meeting Man to Man and Side by Side honoured Dick and Aki Arai for their many years of devoted service to our two support groups. Pictured above are Jim Moran who made the special presentation, Roz Wagman who presented Aki with a dozen red roses, and our honourees Aki and Dick Arai. Congratulations. On July 25, 2007 Man to Man honoured former Chairman Moe Wagman and his wife Roz, a long-time supporter of Side by Side. Pictured above are Man to Man Vice-Chair Sol Dennis, who made the special presentation to the Wagmans; Ruth …

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