Coping and Support

When you receive a diagnosis of prostate cancer, you may experience a range of feelings — including disbelief, fear, anger, anxiety and depression. With time, each person finds his own way of coping with a prostate cancer diagnosis. Read the article to get suggestions for coping with a diagnosis of  prostate cancer plus some suggestions for helping to prevent it.

Active Surveillance

Predicting outcomes on active surveillance for intermediate-risk patients Read the article here. Active Surveillance for Intermediate-risk Prostate Cancer Challenged Read the article here. Active Surveillance versus Watchful Waiting Read the article here. Surgery isn’t necessarily best for prostate cancer, according to study led by Minneapolis VA Read the article here.

Prostate MRI

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of the prostate may be used in many clinical scenarios, including primary screening, active surveillance, and in patients with a previous negative biopsy and rising PSA. Scott Eggener, MD, explains whether MRI is warranted in each of these situations and the benefits and challenges this technology presents. Read the article here.

High-dose radiation therapy as effective as surgery for aggressive prostate cancer

A study by researchers at the UCLA Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center provides convincing evidence that radiation-based treatments and surgery are equally effective treatments for aggressive prostate cancer. It also suggests that a particular form of radiation therapy, consisting of external radiation followed by brachytherapy (a type of radiation treatment in which a radioactive source is placed into the tumor directly) provides the best chance of preventing metastatic disease. Read the article here.

Cesium-131 Brachytherapy

Some experts see Cesium-131 as an optimal version of brachytherapy because it is both fast-acting and has a shorter delivery time than other brachytherapies — about 30 days. A key advantage is shorter recuperation periods, meaning patients can recover their urinary, bowel, and sexual functions quicker than with other brachytherapy solutions. Read the article here.

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